Why Us?

Why Choose Us for Storage and Moving Services in Peterborough?

Parkhill Self Storage is committed to providing punctual, efficient and professional customer service. We work hard to ensure our customers have access to quality, secure, clean and cost-effective storage options. We also offer moving and hauling help including boxes and other moving supplies.


Parkhill Self Storage is a small business, so unlike some big "chain store" storage facilities we take a personal interest in our customers. We work with our customers to meet their needs and schedules. We look forward to seeing our customers and helping them in any way we can.

Many of "the other guys" self-storage businesses are located on remote properties or in industrial areas that are vacant during nights and weekends, thereby making them more likely candidates for burglary. Most self-storage lockers are also only protected by your lock; anyone could drive up and cut the lock in the middle of the night. There may be a "key pad" controlled gate but that only means that one of the (usually) few hundred people (or their friends) that have a pass code can access it.

These units can usually go several days at a time without any staff member checking on them. At our building you lock your own storage locker, AND we lock down the whole building. There is a "state of the art" 24-hour monitored security alarm system, as well as 24-hour video surveillance in place at any time we are not personally present. We always know who is in the building and we control what exterior doors are open. We are also personally in the facility every day.


The most important thing in choosing a storage facility is to be confident that your belongings will be looked after. Our location is in a quiet rural residential setting (the building was formerly a public school), so there are always people around. 

Pest Control:

Mice and other vermin can be a real concern in the storage business. At Parkhill Self Storage  we have a professionally monitored pest control system (the same system used by major food warehouses) to keep anything from getting into our building. 


We live close by and we don't mind meeting customers at a mutually convenient time if they need to access their unit after hours. That's part of our service commitment to you!

Ask us about our storage availability, moving supplies and moving services in Peterborough today!