Refund Policy


All rental transactions are final. Parkhill Storage will pro-rate rent on our indoor heated units for the remainder of the month that you moved in. Customers rent storage space on a monthly basis and rent is due on the first of each month for that month in advance. If you move out part way through a month we will pro-rate for the unused portion of the month providing that, 1-there is more than 15 days left in the month, if there is less than 15 days left in the month then you will be deemed to have rented the unit for the entire month. And 2- the customer asks for a refund within 14 days of moving out, our system will not automatically pro-rate on a move out. Parkhill Storage does not pro-rate for any partial months on any outdoor storage services. All damage or security deposits (if applicable) will be returned upon satisfactory final inspection.

All merchandise sales are final with the exception of U-Haul branded boxes as per the terms of the U-haul policy.