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In this blog, we will keep you updated on units that come available, provide you with moving or storage tips, and keep you up to date on anything going on at the facility!

To start, as many of you may already know, we've been renovating our parking area out back. The plan was originally to expand the parking area for this winter to provide spots that don't get all wet and mushy in the spring. 
There have been some delays with the plan, so we will not be offering our parking this winter, and won't be able to take on any new customers until next year. 
We just have to get everything approved and jump through some red tape. Hopefully next summer everything can get back on track and we'll be able to have everyone back in their spots, and get some new customers in!

Currently we have one unheated storage container available for rent. She measures 8x20x8. We also have two indoor heated units available, one 3.5x5x5 (nice little small one perfect for boxes or totes), and one 12x12x10 available. 
If you're interested, please call us for details!

Keep checking back for more info!

Parkhill Storage Staff

Winter Storage

It's that time of year, when the temperature is dropping. Many people assume that every storage unit is the same, which could cause some damage to belongings. There are a few things to remember when storing belongings in the colder months.

1. If you're storing indoors, make sure to check whether or not your unit is Heated, or Climate Controlled. Heated, like the units here at Parkhill Storage, means that the temperature is kept above freezing, but doesn't necessarily mean hot. It also means the temperature could fluctuate a bit, resulting in mild humidity.

Climate controlled means there is possibly some humidity protection, and it also means there could be an option to control the thermostat in your individual unit.

2. If you're storing in a seacan or shipping container, it is not a good idea to store any wooden furniture or electronics. Temperature fluctuations in the spring and fall could lead to moisture, which could warp wood, or could lead to mould in the heat of the summer. Things like those should be stored in a heated unit.

3. Check your facility for proper rodent repellents. This is the time of year the pests come inside, looking for a nice warm bed for winter. Make sure the facility you are using has bait stations and other rodent deterrents set up and maintained to help protect your belongings. A lot of storage facilities have a clause in their contracts regarding damage from pests and rodents, so it is up to you as the customer to make sure you protect your belongings to the best of your abilities. 

Nobody likes moving once the snow flies, so this is the time of the year you want to try and make sure you have a good storage space for your belongings, so that you don't have to worry about moving it around when the cold weather turns bad. Even if you don't store with us, the staff at Parkhill Storage are always available to answer your storage questions, so don't hesitate to ask for our advice!

Parkhill Storage Staff